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HammerHead FX

Product: Game controller
Manufacturer: InterAct Accessories Inc.
Price: $39
Tech Notes: Uses USB or standard PC game port; Windows 95/98 and iMac/G3 compatible; rumble effect requires two AAA batteries.

Game Controller: HammerHead FX

nlike most PC game pads, the HammerHead FX has the sweet stuff you get from console controllers, namely PlayStation Dual Shock and Nintendo 64: dual analog control sticks, two side buttons and two trigger buttons. Every button, and the control sticks, can be easily programmed to suit the needs of whatever game you play, and either analog stick can also be set to work as a mouse.

What's more, the HammerHead has built-in rumble feedback, which works with games that support the Microsoft DirectInput standard. It's meant to simulate the effect of a game's on-screen explosions and collisions by vibrating the controller in response. The effect isn't as strong as you might get from console add-ons such as the Nintendo 64's RumblePak, but it's something.

This is a minor quibble, though. The game pad itself feels sturdy in your hands, and its controls respond like champs in the heat of play.


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