Salon: Goes to War
Is an open-source version of Blizzard Entertainment's online gaming service an illegal copyright violation, or just a good example of how the Internet works?

Letters to the editor re: " Goes to War"
Readers share their thoughts.

Atari Lives!
The original king of the consoles is 24 years old, boasts clunky graphics and dinky sounds, yet is still doing quite nicely, thank you.

Do-It-Yourself "Star Wars"
It's the next copyright battleground -- fan filmmakers are hacking their favorite movies.

The Game of Art
In the exhibit "Screenshots," tragedy is rendered in a playful resolution.

Sim Dizzy
Does Half-Life make you sick? Well, you're not alone. Plenty of gamers suffer from simulation sickness.

The Waiting Game
Will John Romero's Daikatana ever hit the shelves? When it does, will first-person shooter players still care?

It's Not The End of the "Millennium," After All
The TV series may have been canceled by Fox, but fans are producing a new season online.

Why Emulators Make Video-Game Makers Quake
The new "emus" aren't about piracy -- they're about freeing code from the chains of proprietary hardware.

"Buffy" Fans Distribute Postponed Finale Online
When executives of the WB network decided to delay airing the season finale of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- fearing that its depiction of the incineration of a high school wouldn't go down well in post-Littleton America -- they failed to take one thing into account: the Internet.

"Wing Commander" Creator Takes the Director's Chair
Chris Roberts talks about his passage from the little screen to the big screen.

The Resurrection of Golgotha
Volunteer programmers rescue a defunct company's software -- and produce a do-it-yourself tool for building 3-D games.

Revolt of the Couch Potatoes
When TV fans want to save a favorite show from cancellation, they organize online. But do the networks care?

New Life for Old Games
Video-game emulators intriguingly blur the lines between hardware and software, PCs and game machines. Do they also promote piracy?

The Internet Strikes Back
Online sleuths piece together the plot of the forthcoming "Star Wars" film -- and post it on the Web.