PLEASE NOTE: Some of the oldest articles I wrote for Wired are not available at the magazine's site. I am looking into putting the missing articles on this, my own, site in the future.

Digital Darwinism: Natural Selection on the Web
Remember sea monkeys? They came in packets like those spices for instant ramen noodles...

Creep Show
Review of the PC game Dark Seed II

Review of PIP's PIPLink software/service

Toy Storyboard
Review of 3D Movie Maker software

Roberta's Nightmare
Profile on game developer Roberta Williams

Blade Runner Run-On
Review of the novel Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human

I Want My M(edia)TV!
Review of the TV series Media Television

Review of bad tech gadgets, written in a style that parodied the magazine's "Fetish" section.

Boy And His 'Bot
Review of the graphic novel The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot.

TV Made Unfresh Daily
Review of the fX Network.

The Toys Strike Back
Review of the 1995 re-releases of the classic Kenner Star Wars toys.

Hollywood Aims Low
Review of the non-fiction book High Concept.