Handheld Atari 2600 Player
Article about custom-made handheld version of the classic Atari video game system

Devils in the Zone
Review of the video games Speed Devils and POD: Speedzone

Playware for Your PC
Review of hardware add-ons to turn your PC into a sophisticated gaming system

Flattening the Hills
Review of the PC game Midtown Madness 2

200-MPH Traffic Jam
Review of the PC game NASCAR Heat

Deus Ex-Files
Review of the PC game Deux Ex

Strained Muscle
Review of the PC game Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2

Worth the Wait
Review of the video game Perfect Dark

From Quaint to Kickass
Review of the video game Excitebike 64
Logicept's Back-End Implementation for is a portal providing current and useful information for men and women, 50 and over...

Perl Enters the Oxford English Dictionary
Perl figures heavily in the production of a historic institution--the Oxford English Dictionary...

Carnegie Mellon University: Perl Brings Everything Together--Quickly
At Carnegie Mellon University, Perl figures in robotics applications development more times than you can count...

ActiveState IDEs for Perl and Python to Use Mozilla and Visual Studio Frameworks
ActiveState Tool Corp. is the world leader in commercial Perl scripting tools...

Putting Perl to All-Purpose Use
Burlington Coat Factory has a record of adopting technologies like UNIX and Java...

High-Tech Games

Pushing the envelope in 2001 and beyond

Linux Magazine:
Brave New Worlds
Open-source game developers work hard to play harder

Playing for Keeps
Slash'EM and Falcon's Eye expand the classic game of Nethack

Made in Croatia?
Profile on the developers of the PC game Serious Sam

Jim Molinets: Rogue Warrior
Interview with developer of the PC game American McGee's Alice

American McGee
Interview with the creator of the PC game American McGee's Alice

Heavy Mettle: Ritual Entertainment Strikes Back
Profile on the developers of the PC Game Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2

Wireless Gaming Review:
Going from Snake to Quake
WGR surveys four companies leading the way for mobile graphics

Intellivision Games Wherever You Go
Feature on mobile phone versions of classic Intellivision games

X-Forging Cross-Platform Mobile Games
WGR previews the latest graphics technology from FatHammer

Conquering England While Waiting for the Bus

Feature on mobile phone version of Defender of the Crown

Wireless Week:
Conquering Wireless Multimedia's Limitations

While many industry observers have looked to 3G and beyond for technological improvements that will spur demand, multimedia messaging companies say they're ready for today's standards.

Dallas Observer:
PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, the six feature-length articles I wrote are not available on the Observer's Web site -- only a few music reviews of mine are. I am looking into putting the missing articles on this, my own, site in the future.

Rapper's Delight
Profiles of Dallas area musicians -- on Pages 3, 4 and 5

Jingle Bells, Jingle Sells
Review of Phil Sheeran's album I'll Be Home for Christmas -- on Page 6